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Hello And Welcome To The Mule Burro Corral
My Name Is Tom Buchanan (AKA –Mule)

Guns - Gun Smithing - Reloading Supplies - Bullet Casting
Custom Gun Smithing
Bullet Casting

We are located in the South East section of MS outside of the town of Laurel

The shop opened in 2005, to help fellow shooters in my area have access to guns, parts, reloading equipment and supplies from some one that understands the needs of competion shooters

Mule Burro Corral is a one man shop that I operate part time it is located beside my home so hours are flexible

I do general gun smithing on all brands and models and some speciality gun work

My rule of thumb on doing work is if i do not know what to do i will not mess it up more from ignorance

The Story Behind The Name

When i first thought about doing this my son [7 yoa] at the time were both involved in cowboy action shooting we were trying to think of a name for the shop and he came up with the idea of naming it Mule Burro Corral. Here is his reasoning for it mule comes from iron mule my sas alias burro comes from tin burro his sas alias corral comes from that is where mules and burros hang out. The mind of a 7 year old so we went with it

I devote a lot of time to teaching young kids about firearms safety and how to shoot. I coach the local 4-H shooting sports in air gun rifle and piston, 22 rimfire rifle and pistol, muzzle loader

Gun Smithing

  • We do general gun smithing work on guns. (All brands and models)
  • Gun Cleaning
  • Gun Fixing

We do not do like some people if i can not fix something i do not make it worse by experimenting.

Bullet Casting

We have over 100 different molds. We suggest contacting us and we can decide which bullet would be the best design for you to use. We are happy to cast up a few for you to test in your gun. Not all guns like the same bullets so this is what we suggest when searching for a slug that works best in your gun. We also cast slugs for air guns.